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Smoked Haggis?? Haggis ABT's??

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 27 08 10:45 pm    Post subject: Smoked Haggis?? Haggis ABT's?? Reply with quote

As my avatar suggests.... I might be into this sort of thing.

Has ever tried smoking a Haggis?? Or using Haggis in ABT's... or in this case Atomic Haggis Turds ??

For those that know bugger all about Haggis, there is info at this site http://haggishunt.scotsman.com/ and the Haggis Hunt game.

I help organize a Robert Burns Supper. I address the Haggis, and sometimes Pipe it in. Providing the Haggis is another thing I am stuck with...
Making a traditional Haggis with sheep liver, heart, lungs and stuffed in a Sheep's stomach is almost impossible as the local butchers wont sell those parts. And then you have legal issues serving it to the public, if something goes wrong... Fed Ex shipping on a traditional Haggis is downright dreadful. SO.. I get the Haggis Kit consisting of 6 cans of Haggis, and a huge sausage casing.

If I smoke this thing, will the smoke penetrate through the sausage casing?? I also thought of blanketing it with a bacon weave and then smoking it.. maybe it would help give it a traditional appearance of a strange and odd looking stomach.

ABTs with Haggis might be interesting, but I doubt our caterer will be able to accomplish that without a smoker.

The taste isnt as bad as some imagine. IF you have ever made a meatloaf, and didnt add Worcestershire, ketchup etc..... it likely tasted like Haggis.
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