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Bacon Wrapped Kraut Stuffed Kielbasa

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 12 06 4:05 am    Post subject: Bacon Wrapped Kraut Stuffed Kielbasa Reply with quote

This is the first thing I ever made on the grill (besides hot dogs and hamburgers). Everytime I make it, it's a show stopper.

Stuffed Kielbasa

One 1 lb Kielbasa (I use Hillshire Farm brand Polska Kielbasa)
Swiss Cheese
Sauerkraut (recipe below)
Brown Sugar
Two sub rolls

Cut the kielbasa to fit in a sub roll – you can get two out of 1lb with some of the curvy part leftover (save it to throw in your leftover sauerkraut later in the week!) Now cut the kielbasa three quarters through length-wise, forming a pocket. Stuff with sliced or grated Swiss chess (I use a cheap generic supermarket brand that is too soft to grate), then stuff with sauerkraut. Wrap the whole thing shut with a slice of bacon, roll lightly in brown sugar, and fix with one toothpick on each end (pre soak the toothpicks in cold water ahead of time so they don't catch fire on the grill).

Cook on the grill over medium heat, roughly five to seven minutes on each side, until the bacon is done. Be careful the filling doesn’t spill out!

There is an “Italian” variation of this I make for the sad souls who aren’t sauerkraut fans. Simply substitute tomato sauce for sauerkraut and omit the brown sugar. You have to be even more careful with these though that the filling doesn’t spill out.

And please don't forget to take the toothpicks out before eating!


Lots of people hate sauerkraut. I think its because the only kraut they’ve ever been exposed to is the canned stuff. But you can turn the canned stuff into a pretty respectable dish – here’s how.

One can sauerkraut (get ‘Bavarian style’ with caraway seeds in it, if available)
Caraway seeds
Brown sugar
Green Apple
Bacon, sausage, etc (optional)

If you are serving the sauerkraut as a side, start off with a slice or two of bacon. If you’re using it for the stuffed kielbasa sausage above, I would omit this step.

Cut the bacon into tiny pieces and cook til almost done and there’s plenty of fat sizzling. If you’re omitting this step, melt a couple slices of butter. Sautee diced onions and diced apple til the onions are translucent (you actually want the onions to cook a little longer than the apple, so don't even start dicing the apple til you have the onions cooking in the pot)

Meanwhile, drain the canned sauerkraut and rinse in a pasta strainer. Dry with a paper towel.

Now mix the rinsed sauerkraut in with the onions and apple. Stir in a spoon full of caraway seeds and two spoon fulls of brown sugar, and continue stirring for a minute. Turn the heat on very low, cover, and simmer for 10-20 minutes. Viola! Edible sauerkraut!

You can experiment with this quite a bit. For example, remember those cut up kielbasa curves you saved? Toss them in with the leftover sauerkraut and heat it all up the next day! And I haven’t tried it yet, but I bet you can throw in some raisins or currants into this recipe and it would turn out nicely.
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