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Fish tacos with Tilapia

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PostPosted: Nov 11 2011    Post subject: Fish tacos with Tilapia Reply with quote

Hi all, if you get a chance you shoulkd give this post a read. i am looking for critique about the recipe and tips to improve it for next time.

Fish Tacos, now these are something that is fairly new to me. I mean I have heard about them, watched them being made on a ton of cooking shows, but have never myself ordered or made these. Well finally I have decided that I want to try them. I didn’t want to run out and buy them from anywhere just in case I didn’t like them, so I decided that I will make them at home and see what happens. All I can say is I am very happy that I did finally try them. They are amazing. Now, I am sure that if I bought them from a decent restaurant that they probably would have been pretty good and would have had some more flavors then what I got out of mine. None the less they turned out pretty tasty. My wife really enjoyed them for the fact that they are lighter and healthier than the regular ground beef and pull pork tacos that I usually make.

So I usually have some frozen fish fillets in the freezer because I buy them in bulk from Costco. We like to have fish at least once a week, sometimes more. So having the frozen fillets on hand make it very simple and cost effective to put good / healthy meals on our plates. This is how I began my prep for this meal.

Nice little fillets
I took the tilapia out of the freezer and fully defrosted them. once they were defrosted I patted them dry with some paper towel. The reason for drying them off is so that when I put them in the frying pan that they don’t steam and boil to cook they actually fry. While the fillets were drying I set them aside and started on my seasonings for them. I read a lot of different types of recipes that called for numerous different types of seasonings. I didn’t really feel like running out to the grocery store to buy more, plus I usually have a good selection on hand. Below are the spices that I used.

Garlic powder
Onion powder
Cajun spice
Lime juice

I mixed all the powders in a small bowl, minus the lime juice. I then added a little bit of olive oil to each fillet. One side only. I then applied the seasoning mix to all the fillets, again one side only. I then sprinkle some lime juice on them as well. I set them aside and started to prep my filling for these bad boys. I shredded some cheese and lettuce. Cut up a bit of green onion and diced tomatoes. Okay, ready to go.

Put a pan big enough to cook the fillets without crowding, crank the heat up to med-high add some olive oil to the pan and let it heat up. Once the pan is hot enough add the fillets, seasoned side down and let them fry for a couple minutes. Cooking times will vary depending on thickness of the fillets. While the seasoned side is frying up you can now add a touch more oil and add the seasonings to the side of the fish that is up in the pan, this should be the unseasoned side.
After the first side is done, you can flip them over and let them finish frying. During the last 30 seconds of frying I broke up the fish in the pan so as to spread the seasoning throughout the fish a bit more. I don’t know if this is what most people do, but I did and I think it paid off.

While the fish was frying I put the tortillas in the oven to warm up,. Warming up the tortillas makes them more pliable and brings out the flavor of it quite a bit more. Be careful you don’t leave them in too long otherwise they will get toasted and be too hard to wrap up around the fillings and fish.
Now everything is ready to go. I laid down a tortillas on the plate, added a strip of lettuce across the shell along with green onion cheese and tomatoes. I then added the fish and drizzled some more lime juice on them to give them a little bit of a kick and freshness. Rolled them up and chowed down.

The first ones were good, but they were lacking something so on the second round we added some sour cream to them. this helped but I think I need to find a good sauce to add to them. I know a lot of people reading this are saying why lettuce instead of a slaw of cabbage and red lettuce, and why no guacamole or cilantro. Well, to be honest I would have to say 50% laziness and 50% let me see what I can do with what I have on hand. If I didn’t think what I had would work, trust me I would not have even started. In the next round I will definitely add the above ingredients to make them somewhat authentic, but hey, for a first go round they came out really nice.

I suggest that if you have the opportunity to make or order fish tacos that you don’t pass it up. They were very tasty and like I said earlier, pretty healthy at the same time. Try them out and please enjoy.

Take care and keep the fire hot.

thanks guys.
Take care and keep the fire hot.
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