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BBQ GURU Service Dept

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 27 17 7:01 am    Post subject: BBQ GURU Service Dept Reply with quote

I have been using the DigiQ for quite a few years. One for my Stumps, one for my Green Egg. I don't need to tell anybody here how good they work, they are a proven entity.

I am posting this because of several experiences I have had with their service department and company. First was minor. Stupid me closed the door of my Stumps on the fan cable and burned it up. Figured it to be a loss so sent for a new one plus sent the burned up one in in case it could be repaired. In no time at all I received the new one and the repaired one back, no charge for the repair!

I recently sold my XL BGE in order to try out the Monolith that BBQ Guru is selling. In my order I put a note that I lived in the mountains of NC and before it was shipped someone should talk to me. The advertisement for it said free delivery. I got an email in just a few days telling me that the new grill was on its way. I asked to get the number of the shipping company to find out when it would arrive and what kind of a truck it was being shipped in. The service woman at BBQ Guru said it would arrive tomorrow and it was in a 18 wheeler. I explained that my driveway was paved but, 1/4 mile long and steep plus, even if the driver unloaded the grill at the base of my driveway, the next time he found a place to turn around would be somewhere on the other side of the mountain well into Tennessee. Just so you don't get the wrong picture, this area may be rural but my neighbors are country music stars, movie stars, CEO's of two of the largest companies in the US. We just don't have streets for 18 wheelers.

I asked the representative from BBQ Guru to call the driver and arrange someplace to meet me in the nearest town. Figured he could help me load into my pickup and then I could disassemble the grill once I got home and carry the pieces to where it would sit. "No, no" she said, " that might damage the grill doing it that way. I will get back to you. " 30 minutes later she had arranged for the grill to come off the large truck, load onto a smaller truck with instructions to the driver to deliver it to my door and to not leave until it had been placed where I wanted it! Cost to BBQ Guru, $800!!!!

She said that the advertisement promised it would be delivered to my door and the company was going to do just that!

As far as I am concerned, the BBQ Guru Co. is the most ethical company I have ever dealt with. I feel guilty that it was such a financial loss to them in regards to the delivery.

By the way, the Monolith with the CyberQ is awesome.
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