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The Smoke Ring - All You Need to Know About BBQ
2005 Great American BBQ Peoples Choice Champion
Cookers, sauces and how-to books
BBQ Smokers and Fire Pits
The Afterburner
PowerDraft - A breakthrough in BBQ
Cast iron grate for your Weber kettle
Home of the finest Gluten Free BBQ Sauce on the market!
Your one stop shop for the backyard chef!
Charcoal from the valleys of Central America
Great and audacious smoking wood
Custom smokers, pits and grills
Home to your professional cutlery and culinary needs
Wood fired ovens, Argentine grills
Caribbean Barrrr-B-Q Rubs & Seasonings
Gators Claws™--The Ultimate Kitchen and Grill Hand Tool for Lifting, Holding, Shredding Meats, and Tossing Pasta\'s and Salads

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Chili Growing and Hot Sauces
Hot sauces for BBQ.
BBQ Pellets Online
We ship quarter, half, and full tons of BBQ Pellets to enthusiasts, caterers, and restaurants around North America. Also, we sell 10 pound sample boxes, BBQ sauces, and the Smokin Wedgie smoker.
Grillin an Chillin
We sell high quality stainless steel whole hog rotisseries and camp grill products
Mac's BBQ
Macs BBQ Ltd distributes the ProQ range of BBQ products worldwide
The Northernmost Southern BBQ restaurant.
Midwest Grills & More
Your source for everything BBQ in and around the Lake of the Ozarks area
Kansas City SmokeShack BBQ
The Smoke Shack BBQ recipe started in 1862, when Great Great Grandpa Greg started with dry rubs and smoking meats. He wanted to make something different, something better -- So he started with the toughest piece of meat that no one used - the brisket.
Dutch Oven Norge
Outdoor Cooking in all forms and shape.
Jaba Foods Hot Sauce
Jaba Foods offers many different Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Wing Sauces, Dry Rubs, Spices and more at hundreds of retail outlets across the USA.
Grilling Dads
Grilling Dads is a site dedicated to creating and maintaining a database of grilling and smoking recipes and instructions. Too many times, when grillers or smokers that are new to the game search the internet, they have to use several sites. My goal is
GrateTV is home to the longest running video BBQ and Grill show on the WEB. Join the channel weekly for fresh recipes and fun with a focus on barbecue and grilling.
Doctor of BBQ
The Doctor of BBQ site centers around our BBQ Food Service Operation, Catering,Contest, and various types of outdoor Cooking. We also are the inventor of the Auto Meat Injector.
Injector Pump
Marinade for meats, Marinade for steaks, Marinade for pork, How to inject meats before Smoking,Why most Marinades Don't work,Marinade Recipes, Marinade for Pork, Marinade for Brisket, Marinade for Chicken. How to inject Chicken, How to inject Brisket, How
Old Blue BBQ
Old Blue BBQ is a catering company and competition barbeque team based out of Arlington, VA. With a focus on regional styles of barbeque and a commitment to locally sourced ingredients and community service, Old Blue BBQ strives to bring the community to
Some BBQ should be less praised with more hell raised.
Terrorizing BBQ joints one at a time...
Mrs. T's BBQ
We are a catering / competition team in the Atlanta Area. We are a mainstay on the KCBS, FBA and GBA circuits and specialize in Brunswick Stew and any kind of Q.
The Barbecue Fiend
I'm making it my personal mission to single-handedly eat my way across the nation, one delicious animal at a time. Fire up the pit, here I come!
Official Swillin' & Grillin' BBQ Team Homepage
Swillin' & Grillin' BBQ is a competition BBQ team based out of Columbia, MD.
Superior Smokers
Superior Smokers is a manufacturer of gravity feed charcoal smokers.
Tay's All Purpose Southern BBQ Sauce
Our site showcases our three types of sauce. It has photos of our sauces and food that has been prepared with our sauce. It provides some recipes and testmoinals of consumers. It tells the story of how our sauce was created. It provides a place to ord
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