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Kick in the Butt BBQ - Florence, CO - Oct 16 PDF Print E-mail

We had a great time at the second Kick in the Butt BBQ contest in Florence, CO. Cindy Cox and her team did another outstanding job this year organizing the event, squeezing 38 teams into the beautiful Pioneer Park. The contest ran very smoothly and I can't think of a single thing I would suggest as an improvement. The fall weather was beautiful and it's always nice to be in a grassy, tree shaded park instead of an asphalt parking lot. The entertainment was great with a nice lineup of bands playing on Friday and all day Saturday.

Unique trophies are given for 1st and 2nd place in each category, as well as Grand Champion and Reserve Champion. The trophies are handmade miniature oil derricks celebrating Florence's distinction as the site of the first oil well ever drilled west of the Mississippi River. This year we were fortunate to bring one home, the 1st place trophy for Ribs. We also finished 4th in brisket and 8th overall.

Congratulations to Ryan from Backdraft BBQ for his first ever grand championship. He was competing alone with only his dog Kuma to provide support. Congratulations also to Parrothead Smokers for Reserve. Full results are available on the Rocky Mountain BBQ Association website.

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