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Marinades, Rubs, Brines, Cures & Glazes PDF Print E-mail

by Jim Tarantino

In 1992, Jim Tarantino published the cookbook Marinades. At the time, it was the definitive guide to making and using marinades, pastes and dry rubs. Now, in 2006, Jim has released a revised and expanded version of his classic. While the original was 220 pages and included 190 recipes, the new edition is 350 pages and includes over 400 recipes.

However, the new version is much more than recipes. The expanded content now includes brines, cures and glazes. The section on making them has been greatly expanded. New content includes a timeline table with guidelines for how long to marinate or cure different cuts of meat.

The new version not only includes numerous recipes, but now organizes them into the categories of Basic Recipes, American South & Southwest, Latin America & The Caribbean, The Mediterranean, Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, and North Africa. There are marinades here for every conceivable taste. Each recipe now includes a timetable for it's use.

If you like the flavor that marinades add to your barbecue then you should have this book. If you have the original, the new edition is well worth the price of an upgrade.

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