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Barbecued Ribs, Smoked Butts and Other Great Feeds PDF Print E-mail

by: Jeanne Voltz

Now in paperback, this classic barbecue book -- with 225 great recipes -- gives us the fruits of a lifetime of testing, eating, and enjoying good barbecue. Jeanne Voltz, one of the best-known food writers in the country, gathers the best regional recipes from across America, from Alabama, the Carolinas, and Florida to California and the Southwest. It's all here: barbecued ribs, beef, fish, chicken, lamb, game; seasonings and sauces that give barbecue its regional flavors; kettle foods and "go-alongs" (Garlic Grits on the Grill, Chile Cornbread); and "after the barbecue" dessert ideas (Toasted Marshmallow Sundaes, Peach-Blackberry Compote). And to get you started the right way, Jeanne Voltz outlines all the essentials: equipment, accessories, building a good fire, and cooking techniques - including smoking. Laced with personal stories about great roadside joints and barbecue lore, Barbecued Ribs, Smoked Butts, and Other Great Feeds captures the spirit and flavor of America's love for outdoor cooking.

About The Author:

Jeanne Voltz was born in Collinsville, Alabama. She was the food editor at Woman's Day magazine and for many years edited as well the food pages at the Los Angeles Times and the Miami Herald. She is the author of several books, including The California Cookbook, The Flavors of the South, and with Caroline Stuart, The Florida Cookbook. She has won a Tastemaker Award three times and is a six-time winner of the Vesta Award for newspaper food editing and writing. Mrs. Voltz has also won numerous other feature and food writing awards. She lives in Pittsboro, NC, where whe is a food consultant, writer and freelance editor.
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