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The Ultimate Barbecue Sauce Cookbook PDF Print E-mail

by: Jim Auchmutey & Susan Puckett

Every barbecue lover knows that sauce is more than a condiment. That splash of flavor represents tradition, family, pride in place, the eternal quest for the perfect balance between ting and tang.

This cookbook, the first dedicated exclusively to barbecue sauce, includes 100 recipes showing the variety of ways people everywhere express themselves through their saucepans. It's all here: tomato sauces, mustard sauces, vinegar marinades, bourbon mops, fruit bases, white sauce, black dip, dry rubs -- plus a mail-order guide to some of America's most unusual sauces.

The recipes come from cook-ott champions, chefs, celebrities, famous barbecue houses and other people who simply have become obsessed with sauce. Like the fellow who couldn't pay his restaurant bill and left a sauce recipe instead. Or the man who says his sauce was revealed to him by God in a dream.

Full of recipes and spiced with lore, The Ultimate Barbecue Sauce Cookbook is sure to make any barbecue fan's juices flow.

About The Authors:

Jim Auchmutey is a reporter and national award winning food writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He co-edited the book True South.

Susan Puckett, executive food editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has won numerous awards for food writing and edition. She is the author of A Cook's Tour of Mississippi and A Cook's Tour of Iowa.
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