The Sausage-Making Cookbook Print

by: Jerry Predika

Master sausage-making chef Jerry Predika has collected hundreds of ethnic recipes from countries around the glove and passes them on to you in THE SAUSAGE MAKING COOKBOOK. Included are the best old-world traditions and family-guarded secrets for making every kind of sausage imaginable -- Scottish haggis, Hungarian kolbasz, Polish kielbasa, Mexican chorizo ... and over 200 more.

Sausage making is a simple-to-learn kitchen craft, and getting started is easy and inexpensive. Predika demonstrates his expertise gained from a lifetime of learning the most efficient sausage-making methods and techniques an has gathered the essential information into a few easy-to-follow instructions.

Making sausage yourself you'll be able to eliminate harmful nitrates from your diet and control the use of stuffers and artificial ingredients. You'll become more self-sufficient as you develop your culinary skills and you'll enjoy the satisfaction of creating flavorful gourmet dishes and adding delightfully different taste treats to your everyday fare.

About The Author:

Born into a family of Russian and Slavic background, Jerry Predika learned to prepare foods at an early age. He fondly remembers celebrating Russian Christmas and Easter at his grandparents' home and, in preparation for the festivities, making sausage with his grandmother the old-world way.

As he grew older he realized that many fine old recipes were being lost with the deaths of older family members. He started to collect them and now he has gained a well-earned reputation as cook and caterer specializing in traditional ethnic recipes. Says Predika, "In my own endeavors to find enlightenment on sausage-making for my own use, I cursed many times over that a book had not been written on the subject. What a beautiful art and it's dying out!"

Jerry Predika, a professional artist and wine counselor for a California winery, brings artistry to everything he does, whether it's painting or teaching wine appreciation classes or making his own sausage. He currently resides in Santa Cruz, California.