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It used to be common in the 1950's to see brick BBQ pits and grills in a lot of backyards. But, in recent years they seem to have fallen out of favor. I have been getting a lot of requests, though, for plans for building a BBQ pit from scratch. Maybe the permanent backyard BBQ pit is ready for a comeback.

We came across these plans when we acquired a couple of long out of print BBQ books published in the 1940's and 50's. They have plans for a variety of brick BBQ pits in all configurations and sizes. I'll also add some plans for some pits made from sheet metal or barrels. For now, though, I have a couple of plans for brick BBQ pits. Check back for more later.

Brick BBQ Pits

Metal BBQ Pits

For a glimpse of a real Cadillac brick BBQ pit, take a look at Wilber D. Hog built by Dave Lineback in Cary, NC. You might also check out Vince's page of homemade smoker pictures.

Built your own BBQ pit from any of our plans? We'd love to hear from and feature your pit on our site. Just contact the Smoke Ring.

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